Harry Potter-Themed Weddings and Events at Chase Court

!What better wedding (or party!) for a Potterhead than in the Great Hall at Hogwarts Castle! Alas, without a letter of acceptance, that option isn’t available. But all is not lost! Read on…

Are you ready to make the unbreakable vow?

With its high gray ceiling, tall arched leaded-glass windows, original iron hanging chandeliers, and gothic details, the Great Hall at Chase Court pays more than a passing resemblance to the Great Hall at Hogwarts!

Your guests can arrive via Floo network or any other muggle means of transportation since we’re located right in the heart of Baltimore.

Long student tables or round tables, a la various establishments in Hogsmeade, serve equally well in the Great Hall, which seats up to 125.

Imagine the Great Hall for your Yule Ball!

We have our very version of The Three Broomsticks where your guests can enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, and socializing after the ceremony in this tucked away Room of Requirement. It’s the perfect space for the service of Butterbeer, Gillywater, and Firewhisky.

It’s all gothic castle in the ceremony garden, with an entrance to the castle grounds through a black iron gate that's (of course!) enchanted and guarded by Aurors.

Wizards and witches (and maybe some muggles, too) will start their experience by walking through the forbidden forest, aka our entrance garden

Thinking about a Yule Ball? Snow turns the grounds at Chase Court into a magical winter wonderland!

Are you ready for your Harry Potter-themed wedding? Let’s do it together! 

Weddings that you’d want to attend are Chase Court’s stock in trade. Let’s talk about your Baltimore wedding, and how I can help you have the wedding you want. Give me a call at 410-727-1112 when you’re ready to start planning.

David Egan is Headmaster of Chase Court, a historic Gothic Baltimore wedding venue. Follow Chase Court on Facebook and Instagram, and follow David’s column about weddings, Getting The Wedding

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Posted by Professor David Egan, Headmaster of Chase Court on 07/25/2017

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