How to Plan a Cost-Conscious Wedding

These tips can save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars, without compromising a thing!


Your Ceremony

Consolidate venues. Having both your wedding ceremony and reception at Chase Court can save a considerable amount of money, especially on flowers. Our gardens are beautiful and abundant. From May all the way through October you don't have to add a single flower for a spectacular show!

Day and Time

Choose off-peak times. Booking your event for Friday or Sunday or for the morning or early afternoon on Saturday at Chase Court costs hundreds of dollars less than Saturday evening. On a super tight budget? Monday through Thursday rates are the lowest of all. If you're comfortable with a winter event, many vendor's fees are lower in January, February and March, and Chase Court has a fabulous Winter Special!


Choose an alternative to dinner. Consider brunch or lunch, or even afternoon tea. Fruit, cheese, breads, cookies and tea can go a long ways.


Consider alternatives to the big cake. Buying a regular-sized cake that you like and placing one of each table can save a lot of money. If you want the big cake for photography, consider building the lower layers from cardboard and icing and serving your guests from a sheet cake. Fruit tarts, brownies, cookies, and other "regular" dessert goodies can supplement a small 'cutting' cake—or replace it altogether.


Provide your own. All of our approved caterers will allow you to provide your own alcohol. You bring it or have it delivered during set-up time and take what remains home with you at the end of the event. The Wine Source in Hampden is one of several local shops that will allow you to return unused product.

Limit the offerings. Beer and wine can be just fine.

Add non-alcoholic variety. Lemonade; hot, cold, sparking or mulled cider and unusual sodas can lower expensive alcohol consumption.

Table Settings

If you're on a really tight budget, consider disposables. Disposable flatware is available that looks just like the real thing. Bamboo or plastic cups and serviceware can save on rental costs.

Table Decor

Go for color! Basic table linens come in many colors, all the same price as white or ivory. Mix and match with colorful napkins, and save the cost of fancier linens or overlays.

Minimize flowers. Use potted plants, candles, photographs in frames, and other low-cost centerpieces. If you're crafty, doing it yourself can really lower the cost.



Use your iDevice. If dancing isn't paramount, using our built-in ballroom sound system can save hundreds of dollars. Your iDevice can provide great background music (and a little dancing, too) connected to our system.


Use an up-and-comer. Assistants to the professional wedding photographer you want but can't afford can be a bargain. They can bring the skills and eye gained from working with the master, but at a reduced price.

Guest Count

Cut the guest list. Catering is charged on a per-person basis. This can be a hard one, but fewer guests means less money spent.

Posted by David Egan, Steward of the Castle at Chase Court in Baltimore on 07/24/2015

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