The Globe Theater Sets the Stage For Baltimore Weddings

Imagine your wedding set on stage -- literally, in a restored movie theater dining room!

Former home to The Old Globe Theater in downtown Berlin, Maryland, The Globe is a great place for Baltimore wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The Globe Sole Proprietor Jennifer Dawicki revitalized the 100 year old historic building while remaining true to its character. It is newly outfitted with a traditional kitchen, and brand new Coppertop Bar making it the perfect unique wedding venue to entertain guests.

The team behind the curtain includes Executive Chef Duane Douglas, former executive chef of Galaxy 66 with a passion for culinary arts and Gregory David, an aficionado of bourbon, great affordable wine and quality food at The Globe's Coppertop Bar.

Let your Baltimore wedding journey begin at the heart of Berlin at The Globe Theater!

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Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 04/07/2014

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