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Picking Colors for Your Baltimore Summertime Wedding

Are you planning a summer wedding but aren't sure where to start when it comes to color schemes? Summer is a time for cheery colors and pretty palettes; here are some of our favorites to make your event gorgeous.

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5 Decorating Ideas for a Gorgeous Garden Party

Garden parties are a time to celebrate gorgeous weather and the beauty of Mother Nature! If you're planning a garden party this spring or summer and looking for decoration ideas, here are a few of our favorites to inspire you.

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Alternatives to Centerpieces for Your Baltimore Wedding

Are you trying to avoid using a floral centerpiece for your wedding or looking for a unique idea to decorate your reception? Centerpieces can be a fantastic choice for couples looking for ways to personalize as many unique parts of their wedding as possible. While floral centerpieces are the traditional choice, they are far from the only option out there.

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7 Great Guest Book Tips for your Baltimore Wedding

A guest book, like wedding photography, is a special way of preserving the memories of your wedding day for years to come. It’s an extra chance for guests to connect with the bride and groom and leave a lasting message that they can cherish long after the reception comes to an end.

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How to Lower the Cost of Your Baltimore Wedding

Are you looking how to lower the cost of your Baltimore Wedding? Whether you are funding the cost of your wedding or your family has set a strict budget, here are some ways to save money on your Baltimore wedding. That way, you can build memories, not debt.

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