7 Unique Delaware County Wedding Venues

Just outside of Philadelphia, Delaware County is home to a variety of one-of-a-kind event spaces. From a yacht club to a historic mansion within a state park to a farm-to-table venue complete with a greenhouse, you will find that Delaware County has so much to offer for your wedding. These unique Delaware County wedding venues […]

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5 Things You NEED at Your Wedding (and 4 Things You DON’T)

villa woodbine wedding venue

The question was popped and the exhilaration is fresh, but maybe you’re beginning to ask new questions like –“What do I need for a wedding?” and “Where do we even start?” Ultimate wedding planning checklists that break down the planning process to the littlest details can be incredibly helpful. And the advice you get from […]

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10 Delaware County Wedding Venues with Overnight Accommodations

Let’s face it, having overnight accommodations onsite at your wedding venue is a gigantic benefit. Guests won’t have to travel more for lodging, bringing great relief for out-of-town friends and relatives, especially those not familiar with the area. No GPS or map needed. Plus, your celebration is longer, easier and just more relaxing. In addition, […]

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