6 Philadelphia Wedding Venues on the Water

Bride with flowing veil and groom kiss on deck of Moshulu with Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge in background

Photo credit: Longbrook Photography Learn about the best Philadelphia wedding venues on the water, how our list can help you discover waterfront event spaces and make it easier to find your perfect ceremony and reception location. These Philadelphia wedding venues on the water offer a unique wedding venue option. Their beautiful views create a memorable […]

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The Ultimate Wedding Tipping Guide

Discover the best practices for tipping event professionals, how our ultimate wedding tipping guide helps you find the right amount for each vendor, and include it in your budget. Tipping, especially at your wedding, is an expense that can add up unexpectedly if you don’t budget smartly. So, it’s important to understand the proper etiquette […]

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Barbie’s Philadelphia Wedding

Original Madison Mitchell art of Barbie doll in a Kitty Chen gown with pink and purple background.

  Find out how Barbie’s Philadelphia wedding would look like today and see how Philly event pros envision Barbie’s wedding. Art Credit: Madison Mitchell C’mon Barbie, let’s get married. Do you want to know how Philly event pros envision Barbie’s Philadelphia wedding? Of course, we’ve imagined this glam moment since we were young. After all, […]

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