3 Essentials to Planning Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are one of the biggest trends in 2020 and for good reason. So whether your event is being held at a park, in your backyard, or an outdoor venue, advanced planning is especially important. So what exactly are the essentials for planning your outdoor wedding? We reached out to Melani Kodikian, CERP, Owner of A to Z Party Rental to find out.



First, consider the advantages of an outdoor wedding. When you’re at a venue, you may have one or two rooms at your disposal. In your own backyard or at an outdoor venue, you have a more versatile space to work with. You might have your reception throughout, and you might break up your ceremony into another section of your garden. Perhaps, you will have cocktail hour by the pool. You can even split the space up and use your entire property for every phase of your wedding. When you have an outdoor wedding, you have a blank slate to add personal touches and create the perfect intimate space. Of course, the other clear advantage of an backyard or outdoor wedding is its affordability.

Melanie Kodikian, CERP, Owner of A to Z Party Rental shared that the 3 most important things to consider when planning an outdoor wedding are convenience, the comfort of your guests, and a Plan B rain option.



1. Consider Comfort


Because you are now outdoors, your guests’ comfort is more important than ever. You are fully exposed to the elements outside, so you must consider the cold, the heat, and the rain. Your guests need to be comfortable throughout the entire event.


2. Consider Convenience


When you aren’t relying on a venue, you are your own event planner. You won’t have your venue’s event planner managing the event for you, so you need to be working with vendors and suppliers that make planning and enjoying your event easier. Work with the vendors that are most flexible– they will provide you with what you need and make your life easier.



3. Have a Plan B


Finally, your Plan B option is one of the most important details you should consider in advance. Plan B at A to Z Party Rental is to cover your wedding with a tent. We have found this to be the most essential detail when planning an outdoor wedding, because the meteorologist is not always 100% accurate. You have to be prepared in advance, not wait until you will be stressed out and scrambling the week or the day of to figure out what you are going to do in the event of poor weather.

Tenting your wedding not only protects you from rain but also protects your guests from the sun. Having a wide range of family there from young to old, not everyone can or will want to sit out in the heat for the entire ceremony and reception. Tent your wedding to have Plan B covered.



Melani Kodikian, CERP, is the Owner of A to Z Party Rental

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