5 Impressive Wedding Venues For the Virgo You Love

Photo by McKenzie Elizabeth Photography

It is your wedding, but it is Virgo’s time of year through September 22nd. Mercurial Virgo, sophisticated, practical, and observant, they are notorious slow-daters. They are planners who take charge by wining and dining you only at places that meet their high standards. A Virgo is always in search of perfection. Now that one has found you, here is how to turn the tables and impress your hard-won lover. These five wedding venues are sure to impress the Virgo you love.


George Peabody Library

Photo by Sam Hurd Photography

Life-long learners, Virgos are bookish so your love will be excited to be married at one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. If housing a “collection containing over 300,000 volumes dating from the Renaissance through the 19th Century” is not enough to impress your spouse-to-be, the gorgeous classical architecture of Baltimore’s “Cathedral of Books” will.

Also, Virgos are also fans of order and cleanliness, so expect to see them marvel over the multi-level stacks neatly categorized, orderly and elegant even late into the night. This is truly a Virgo wedding venue. While red wine is not allowed for the protection of the books, other forms of disorder are a-okay. And so, your guests can still Cha Cha Stumble and Slide late into the night.


The Elm

Photo from The Elm Gallery

For smaller gatherings, seek comfort under the oak canopy at The Elm. This rustic venue will impress with its intimacy and natural beauty. It is suited for as few as 20 guests or as many as 145. Shy Virgos open up to show how deep still waters run when they are with their closest family and friends. So, why not have a wedding in a cozy atmosphere?

Your spouse-to-be will love the tranquil atmosphere of The Elm’s indoor cozy spaces filled with antiques and unwind in the two-tiered garden. As a renovated historical carriage house, The Elm will play to their traditional tastes while offering them a quiet space to observe and reflect on how well you have come to know them.


American Visionary Art Museum

Photo from American Visionary Art Museum

Virgos have their quirks too. Fiercely intelligent, quietly eccentric and inherently curious, Virgos tend to be collectors of treasures. Your spouse-to-be will love the oddities of this Baltimore museum and its unique art store SIDESHOW. The museum offers the unique option to view its exhibits before the ceremony and take wedding photos throughout.

On the south side of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, this jewel of a museum for self-taught artists is striking in its architecture, outdoor exhibits, and Sculpture Barn & Garden. The American Visionary Art Museum hosts parties as large as 125 in the Sculpture Barn & Garden or up to 400 guests inside the Jim Rouse Visionary Center Banquet Room. If you go in during museum hours, you’ll have more of a challenge getting your companion to leave than to book a wedding here.


The Winslow

Credit: Winslow Room

As the Mutable Earth sign, the mind of a Virgo is never at rest. Because they are extremely analytical, they are slow to voice their opinions. A wedding venue with classic or modern architecture? Late summer or fall colors? A Virgo wedding venue must be chosen with care. And this venue is old and new design blended with care.

The Winslow will give your spouse-to-be a little of everything. The Winslow Room at the Parker Metal Building combines historic industrial elements with modern exposed brick and steel architecture. The intricate details of the classy two-story mezzanine and staircases are sure to impress your spouse-to-be. By the way, earthy browns and grays make this an ideal venue to complement most color palettes.


Historic London Town and Gardens

Credit: Natalie Lane Photography

Finally, an often forgotten Virgo trait is their deep love of animals. Despite their tendency to break out the vacuum at the very shadow of a pet hair, Virgo is an Earth sign close to the ground and in tune with nature. The pets of a Virgo are members of the family and can be part of your special day at the pet-friendly Historic London Town and Gardens.

A waterfront venue on the South River, Historic London Town and Gardens provides an intimate, peaceful atmosphere. They provide several ceremony sites and even more photo opportunities along the pier and pavilion. Book a tour to impress them with this gorgeous venue and coax your high-strung Virgo into relaxing, secure that you have got this part of the wedding planning handled.


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