Best New Jersey Wedding Venues for a Fantasy Reception


Imagine–a grand staircase, glistening chandeliers, all eyes on you as you walk down to your grand entrance in your royal wedding. Perhaps you are searching for the best New Jersey wedding venues for a fantasy reception. We all dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, with the grandeur and the beauty of it all. Here are three wedding venues in Central and South Jersey that capture this style perfectly:


Pleasantdale Chateau 

The quaint but meticulously decorated exterior makes for the perfect storybook setting. Whether you are searching for a romantic setting outdoors by the lake, or in a magnificent ballroom, Pleasantdale Chateau in West Orange, New Jersey is the place for you.

Bride and groom in brick courtyard garden at Pleasantdale Chateau, one of the the best New Jersey wedding venues for a fantasy reception

The front is a gorgeous cobblestone courtyard perfect for the royal look, while inside, there is a clear pristine pool lined with columns and topped with a skylight ceiling. Surrounding the entire estate is lush greenery, and a glistening lake. This estate looks gorgeous any time of year.

Bride and groom kissing by helicopter on helipad at Pleasantdale Chateau's unique New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Pleasantdale Chateau

If you really want to make a grand entrance, they have a helipad right next to the estate. It’s an entrance fit for a king and queen. Before the event starts, there is a beauty salon for the bride and the bridesmaids, Of course there is a game room for the groom and groomsmen. They have special rooms for wedding after parties, and massages for when the day is done to unwind.

Groom dipping bride on stone terrace in front of The Legacy Castle, one of the best New Jersey wedding venues for a fantasy reception

Photo: The Legacy Castle

The Legacy Castle

If you want your wedding to be the epitome of royalty, then Legacy Castle in Morris County, New Jersey is the place for you. The exterior itself is jaw-dropping gorgeous, surrounded by a glistening lake, a giant cobblestone courtyard entrance, romantic balconies with gold leaf detailing. There is even a private limousine escorting you to the entrance. In fact, you can even have a private horse-drawn carriage if you truly want that happily ever after wedding. The venue’s grandeur, sophistication, and style is not to be underestimated.

Gilded interior with pillars at The Legacy Castle's New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: The Legacy Castle

Then there is the interior: a grand staircase fit for royalty, marble floors and columns lining the walls, shining chandeliers, indoor fountains decorated with fresh flowers, intricate patterns across the entire interior, arched ceilings, and candelabras. This venue is truly as magnificent as it is elegant.

The Legacy Castle can host all types of weddings. They offer special plans for South Asian and Kosher weddings. It fits small weddings, but can also hold up to 1,200 people. No matter the style of wedding, you are sure to find your happily ever after here.

Bride walking through arched doorway by reflecting pool at Glynallyn Castle's New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Glynallyn Castle

Glynallyn Castle

If you are more of a fan of medieval fantasy, then Glynallyn Castle in Morristown, New Jersey is for you. Though the exterior may have a similar style to classic cottages, that does not change how grand this venue truly is. This three-story medieval castle is truly enchanting. It includes statues, a pool, fountains, cobblestone courtyard, a gorgeous outdoor patio, and beautifully trimmed hedges, In fact, it looks gorgeous no matter the season.

Aerial view from illuminated chandelier of wedding ceremony by stained glass windows at Glynallyn Castle's New Jersey wedding venue.

Photo: Glynallyn Castle

The interior is even more unique. It features cascading chandeliers, beautiful woodwork, stunning floor-to-ceiling windows, and rustic candelabras across the whole property. Futhermore, it has more than 575 antique stained-glass windows, making this venue perfect especially for those looking for a Harry Potter or Game of Thrones themed wedding.

They even have an area with magnificent stone arches and rustic furniture to further complement their unique style. This venue is quite large. It includes over 60 rooms, 18 chimneys, and plenty of secret doors and passageways. Certainly, they further enhance the experience unlike any other.

Finally, if you are considering the best New Jersey wedding venues for a fantasy reception, these options make a good choice.