Feline Something Different? Paws-ibly A Cat Cafe?

Our own resident marketing & business development pro Dawn Mitchell headed down to Philly’s cutest cat cafe with her daughter Madison Mitchell. Madison was so impressed, she just had to share her experience at this unique party space!



If you’re feline like a latte fun for your bridal shower or intimate wedding; why not grab a cup of coffee with some cats?


Photos provided by Kawaii Kitty Cafe.


The Kawaii Kitty Cafe, a cat cafe located in the historic Fabric Row community in Queen Village, Philadelphia offers the opportunity to do just that and we’re not kitten around. With their pastel color story, and plethora of paw decorations, you’ll be looking up, down, and side to side just to catch all the delightful details! After booking your turn in the cat room, you’ll find yourself surrounded by Polaroids of past occupants such as Tina Tuna, a featured kitten.

You can order an espresso drink, hot chocolate, ice cream or a decadently decorated milkshake at the café before heading in to meet the furry friends in the cat room. These drinks utilize methods such as the delicate trade of latte art and an anything goes, way of over-the-top milkshakes with rainbow sprinkles, whip cream, and lucky charm marshmallows.



As you enter the cat lounge, you’ll but greeted by the most adorable mob of free-range felines. But no worries, the barista will bring your drinks to you whether snuggling on the couch, observing antics at the table or hanging out in the picture window. If you know your pets at home wouldn’t want a new roommate right meow, be weary of falling in love because these cuties are all up for adoption too!


Kawaii Kitty Café provides a unique interactive yet relaxing experience for your next special event, memories for years to come all while supporting pets in need of a fur-ever home.

Proceeds benefit the adoptable cats and Philadelphia cat shelters.


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