Pictures in the Park: Delaware County Wedding Photo Winners

Philadelphia couple won a Fall engagement photo session.

Siani Widman and Richard Yoeun of Philadelphia marked their 8-year anniversary in 2020 with a proposal. But planning the right moment did not come easy. Originally prepared for the summer, Richard had to be flexible since state and local Covid restrictions had alternative ideas, lingering on and on, halting and changing plans. The location and timing changed but Richard couldn’t wait, opting instead for a private proposal instead of the public one he imagined.

“I guess my partner couldn’t wait anymore for “permission” to do a public proposal,” Siani said. “So instead, he felt right to do it with just us.” And that he did, a romantic and personal proposal.

“I dreamed of our weddings (American and Khmer) since we met,” she said. However, wedding planning during a global pandemic mirrored the same challenges as the proposal. “Due to Covid-19, I’ve felt discouraged when it comes to doing anything wedding related,” Siani said. “As a result, we decided to hold off on picking a wedding date and venue.”

“For now, we would like to just enjoy this moment with as less stress as possible,” she said. And the Pictures in the Park contest helped fill a need at just the right time.

The high school sweethearts had only prom photos and phone selfies to mark their relationship. So, when the newly engaged winners learned they were selected for a Pictures in the Park professional mini session, they were thrilled. “Seeing people take the time to offer sessions like this to couples gives me so much joy,” Siani said. The contest was sponsored by Visit Delco in partnership with PartySpace and participating photographers from the local chapter of National Association for Catering and Events (NACE).

“This mini-session gives us an opportunity to practice getting our pictures taken together by a professional, and some peace of mind,” said Siani. They were drawn to Ralph Deal Photography, a Philadelphia based wedding photographer with a talent for storytelling and a keen eye for emotion.

The group embarked on Rose Tree Park in Media, Pennsylvania for a “fall at dusk” session and began filming with their choice of landscape among 120 acres of rolling green hills, autumn leaves and mature trees.

“I liked the different vantage points that the rolling hills created as well as the easy access to the woods,” said Ralph Deal of Ralph Deal Photography. “The foliage was beautiful!”

While wedding planning has been hard during Covid, the photo session was easy. “Siani and Richard had a natural, solid chemistry…little bit shy but they warmed up to the camera as we progressed through their session,” Deal said. “They’re a super sweet couple, very caring and supportive of each other,” he added.


“No matter what we face though, we’ll continue to try to make the best of it any way we can,” Siani said.

Congratulations, Siani and Richard!


Phototography: Ralph Deal Photography

Location: Rose Tree Park

Sponsors: Visit Delco

NACE Philadelphia/S.Jersey/Delaware