Planning A Proposal? Here’s How to ‘Capture Yes Forever’

Proposal planning can be hard. With engagement season kicking off, we thought we’d bring in a proposal pro. That’s why our guest contributor this week is Lori, a surprise proposal professional at RingShot Photography. Their business is 100% proposal and engagement shoots in the Philadelphia area. Read on for expert proposal planning advice.


Congratulations, you have decided to propose!  You have the ring and you’ve talked to the family. What’s next? Now, the fun begins! Now is the time to put together your plan.


Choose A Special Setting

Will it be private or in a public area, will it take place indoors or out? Will you invite family and friends or will it be just an intimate moment with the two of you?  These are all decisions that need to be considered before you pop the question.

Think about what your future fiancé(e) would want because after the proposal when your partner is telling family and friends the good news, the first question will probably be….

“So, how did he/she propose?”


You will want your proposal story to be one that you will want to be told over and over.  Maybe you pick a location that is already a special part of your relationship or a new location where you can visit for years to come on the anniversary of your proposal.


Capture the Moment

We realize proposal photography may not be for everyone, but have found that most couples want pictures of their proposal. It’s not so much for the IG or Pinterest but more to be able to share the moment with others and relive the event! 

You both may not have much memory of the actual proposal, as you may be a bit nervous and your partner will be over the moon with excitement!



No matter the setting, photographers can be a great resource to take the pressure off and ensure a romantically beautiful and unique proposal. Keep in mind that the proposal moment lasts only a minute. Chances are the photographer that you select has done this before and can guide you through.

They can meet and discuss your proposal details beforehand to ensure that you are comfortable with your proposal plan. A professional photographer will know how to make themselves blend into the background at the location so that you won’t even realize that they are capturing the most special day of your relationship. 

Also, they’ll capture the moments before the proposal and probably do a fun engagement shoot after.


All photos provided by RingShot Photography.


Contact Proposal Planning Pros

At RingShot Photography, we have helped our clients do all of this and more.  We have assisted in choosing the perfect location that has special meaning. We have also assisted with providing some additional romantic and personal details and have coordinated with florists and proposal planners to make each of our client’s proposal unique and special. 

So, take a deep breath, contact someone that has experience in proposals and book that photographer as early as possible to capture yes forever.



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