6 Philadelphia Wedding Venues on the Water

Bride with flowing veil and groom kiss on deck of Moshulu with Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge in background

Photo credit: Longbrook Photography Learn about the best Philadelphia wedding venues on the water, how our list can help you discover waterfront event spaces and make it easier to find your perfect ceremony and reception location. These Philadelphia wedding venues on the water offer a unique wedding venue option. Their beautiful views create a memorable […]

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4 Historic Mansion Wedding Venues in Philadelphia

  Discover historic mansion wedding venues in Philadelphia, how our list can direct you to your dream event space and streamline your planning. There is no place more magical to celebrate your marriage than a mansion, rich with history and beauty. If the wedding venue of your dreams features stunning architecture, decor, and tales of […]

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8 Philadelphia Wedding Venues with Tents

Discover Philadelphia wedding venues with tents, how our list can help you find them and narrow your search for private event spaces. Do you imagine your wedding in the open air amid natural lighting and a reception in Philadelphia under the stars? Tents are a great choice for many. In fact, tents are a blank […]

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