Why Baltimore Museum of Art is a Unique Baltimore Wedding Venue

Photo: Stanlo Photography
It’s Fun Fact Friday with 5 unique facts about your favorite wedding venues.
Today, we are featuring The Baltimore Museum of Art, a historic Baltimore wedding venue that will dazzle you and your guests.
Photo: L. Hewitt Photography
Did you know that…
1. The gorgeous lighting in Fox Court looks tailor-made for a wedding, but it is actually a sculptural light installation by contemporary artist Spencer Finch. Moon Dust is a long-term art loan that will be in place, illuminating weddings, events through 2024!
2. The BMA was one of three museums that excavated hundreds of mosaic pavements from Antioch in the 30s. There are 24 pavements from 3rd-7th Century Turkey on display in Antioch Court gallery, which gives guests plenty to discuss during cocktails!
3. Unlike some other Museums, the BMA does allow red wine to be served during events. Obviously, we ask guests not to throw it on any of the artwork.
4. Founded in 1914, the Museum is distinguished by a grand historic building designed in the 1920s by renowned American architect John Russell Pope and two beautifully landscaped gardens featuring an array of 20th Century sculpture.
Photo: Photography by Brea/Baltimore Museum of Art
5. BMA has 95,000+ works of art in its permanent collection and has one of the largest collections by Henri Matisse in the world. A study center dedicated to Matisse opened in fall 2021 at the BMA.
Photo: L. Hewitt Photography/Baltimore Museum of Art