5 DIY Cake Toppers for your Rustic North Jersey Wedding

DIY projects are a fun way to add an extra personal touch to your wedding, but not everyone has the time or manpower to create 100 wedding favors or decorations for ten tables.

Photo Credit: Megan Brooke Handmade

Cake toppers are the perfect place to exercise your creativity and scratch your DIY itch without taking on too big of a task. Plus, your topper will occupy a place of honor on top of your wedding cake where everyone will be sure to see the product of your hard work! Here are some of our favorite DIY cake topper projects for rustic-themed weddings.

  1. Wood paper cutout topper. These elegant toppers are made using BARC Wood Paper, which can be bought in rolls from Arc Crafts and are made from real wood with a natural grain. There is a tutorial for these toppers provided by Lia Griffith’s blog, with a downloadable template. The  “love grows” topper and the delicate flower pattern they provide lend themselves especially well to a rustic theme!

  2. Pinwheel toppers. For those looking for a less formal, more whimsical kind of cake topper, these adorable pinwheel toppers are a perfect fit. The instructions provided by Hallmark are very easy to follow, as well, making them a snap to put together! You can even use them in other aspects of reception decorations, like in your table centerpieces.

  3. Pinecone bride and groom. How adorable are the pinecone cake toppers this couple has on their cake? A perfect way to incorporate a natural element into your cake while still observing the traditional bride and groom cake topper pairing, these toppers are so much fun. You can find instructions on how to recreate them here. Just be sure to choose pinecones that will fit on the top tier of your cake!

  4. Floral topper. There’s nothing like fresh flowers to add beauty and rustic charm to your cake! Especially perfect for a spring or summer wedding, floral toppers don’t require a professional florist to place the blossoms just so. You can create a beautiful effect, yourself, using this tutorial from Rustic Wedding Chic, and remember, the flowers don’t have to be real! If you’re worried about them wilting before it’s time for the cake-cutting, you can find very realistic-looking faux flowers at your local craft store. For inspiration, you can take a look at this gallery of Rustic Wedding Chic’s favorite floral-topped wedding cakes. Take a look!

  5. Silhouette toppers.  There’s something elegant and wonderfully rustic about these handmade silhouette cake toppers from Megan Brook Handmade. These toppers are easy, inexpensive, and can be made in a very short amount of time. For an even more rustic vibe, you can even choose to use tree slices with the bark edging still intact. 
Posted by Dessa Wideman on 03/06/2015

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