5 Edible Wedding Favor Ideas for Your North Jersey Wedding

Edible wedding favors can be an interesting and unique favor idea for your New Jersey wedding. Your guests can be sent home at the end of the night with all kinds of great treats as a tasty way to remember your special day, but here are a few of our favorites in case you are in need of some inspiration.

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Cookies and Candy: Cookies or candy are a great, sweet way to send your guests off at the end of your special day. The wrapper or box can be personalized, too! 

Mints or Nuts: Have guests who are a more health-conscious or whose teeth might start falling out at the idea of more sugar after indulging at the Viennese bar your reception? Mints or nuts would be a great idea for wedding favors. They would probably last longer than the cookies or candy anyway, have a wider appeal, and- like cookies or candy- a personalized container would be adorable! Bonus: Guests could keep the monogrammed container for small things like change or bobby pins, or just keep filling it up with mints! 

Jarred Spreads: Little jars of your favorite spreads, such as honey, jam, maple syrup, even barbecue sauce, are a unique and unusual wedding favor. It lets your guests experience your favorite brand- if you have one- or one that might be new to them. The jars can be dressed up with personalized monograms and wedding details, and it’s another cute thing that guests can keep around to use for something else. Ask your New Jersey wedding vendor for other ideas for spreads.

Powdered Drink Packages: Powdered drink packages, such as lemonade or hot chocolate, can be a fun way that your guests can remember your wedding even a while after it has happened, when they decide to make themselves a nice cup of lemonade on a humid summer day or a steamy mug of hot chocolate on a snowy winter evening. When the package is personalized with the details of your wedding, they can enjoy the drink and reminisce about how beautiful the venue was or how much fun they had dancing all night. 

Baked Goods: Baked goods as wedding favors can range from actual cookies or cupcakes styled with monograms to jars full of ingredients to make your favorite baked treat that your guests can take home and make later- or not, if they prefer to use it for something else, like a decoration in their kitchen.

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