7 Advantages of Winter Weddings in New Jersey

Even if this isn’t your favorite season, you just may warm up to a winter wedding after hearing these incredible advantages. Visually and financially, winter offers an array of pluses to host a wedding in New Jersey.

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Off-Season Pricing: December, January and February in the Mid-Atlantic is known as ‘off-season’ for weddings and events. Simple economics will tell you that the lower the demand is, the lower the price. Therefore, you will gain in cost savings and date flexibility for a winter wedding in New Jersey.

Availability: As mentioned above, dates are widely available compared to winter’s high season counterpart. That Saturday evening you were dreaming about—go for it!

Special: Winter weddings stand out. From the snow covered landscapes and fireplaces that glow in the background of company, a winter wedding provides an atmosphere unlike any other. The décor that accompanies it makes it even more unique.

Wedding Photography: Snow ball fights, fun snow angels and sheer frost and ice glistening on tree branches provide a magical backdrop for dramatic photos.

Less Chance of Rain: That four-letter word that haunts every bride…rain. The truth is, in North Jersey, the chance of rain is considerably lower during these frigid months. Flurries can always add a little bit of romance to the day and yes, a snowstorm is always a possibility in fluctuating winter forecasts. However, that is what having a Plan B in place is for when you meet with the venue’s event coordinator, right? Let’s face it, without rain, or hot humid weather, your makeup will remain intact.

Hot Chocolate Station: Homemade hot cocoa, marshmallows and toppings sure brings a smile on your guests face. Consider offering crushed peppermint, Bailey’s Irish Cream, fresh whipped cream, and sprinkles!

Décor: Those interested in a December or early January wedding luck out with decorations. Wreaths, holly, mini-lights and strings of cranberries dot the venue in preparation for the holidays. Less is needed on your part so it is a cost savings. However, if the décor clashes with your vision, theme or colors, simply discuss it with the venue coordinator or site manager.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 01/11/2016

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