A Look at Winter Blooms for your North Jersey Wedding

Winter is nearly here!

In anticipation of the snowy season, we asked Sunnyside Garden and Gifts to give us a florist's perspective on winter wedding flowers. Here’s what they told us!


Roses are the most popular choice we see for winter weddings. Not only are they elegant and traditional, but red roses stand out beautifully against a snowy backdrop, making for truly gorgeous wedding photography. Even today, when brides are choosing to branch out and explore less conventional options, red and white roses remain a winter staple.

For those brides who worry that their flowers might not keep as well for a winter wedding, we have good news. Cool environments are actually a plus for flower preservation: delicate petals can wilt under the hot summer sun, but the winter air, like the coolers florists use, can help to prolong their life. There are various ways to help your flowers last as long as possible, depending on the type of arrangement, so be sure to ask your florist for some pointers.

Posted by Sunnyside Gardens and Gifts on 11/14/2014

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