Tips For Planning the Perfect Beach Wedding in North Jersey

Many couples dream of a wedding on the beach, with the sand underfoot and the beautiful expanse of the ocean in the background. New Jersey provides the perfect location to make these dreams a reality!

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This week, we asked Amy Dimes, Catering Sales Manager at the fabulous Ocean Place Resort and Spa, for her advice on planning a successful beach wedding in North Jersey. Here’s what she told us!

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Q: What months do you feel are best for beach weddings? Does your venue have a weather contingency plan?

A: Late May to Mid-October are the best months to hold a beach wedding in New Jersey. Ideally, July & August provide the best weather and experience for the bride & groom, wedding party and guests. Everyone can enjoy the tropical weather during the day, followed by a late afternoon ceremony when the temperatures are milder, then a cocktail reception around sunset and reception after the sun goes down. Our beach weddings really have a destination feel when they are done this way!

We always book backup space for outdoor events in one of our beautiful ballrooms in case of inclement weather.

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Q: What do you feel are the most important factors for planning a successful beach wedding and why?

A: Creativity and trusted vendors! Creativity is so important to make your day your own. Having vendors who understand all aspects of a beach space will make your day a breeze!

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Q: What mistakes do you see brides make in planning beach weddings and how can they be avoided?

A: Overdoing the décor. The most beautiful weddings we’ve had on the beach use décor to enhance the natural beauty of the location, not take away from it.

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Q: Do you have anything else to add that you feel couples should know about planning a wedding on the beach?

A: A lot of people believe that a beach wedding is less formal than a traditional catering hall or ballroom space. We’ve had some amazing black tie weddings on the beach. It’s important for couples to remember that it’s their day & their vision. A beach wedding can be anything and everything you want it to be!  

Photo Credit: The Studio Photographers

Posted by Ocean Place Resort & Spa on 05/12/2015

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