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Tips for Planning a Wonderful Winter Wedding in North Jersey

Winter may not be the first season to spring to mind when we think of weddings, but when properly executed, a winter wedding can not only be gorgeous, but that much more memorable for taking place during the wedding off-season.

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Farm-to-Table Dinner Aug. 23 at Waterloo

Join historic Waterloo Village in a Farm-to-Table Dinner Charity Event beginning at 6 p.m. Saturday, August 23, 2014.

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The Birth of a Tradition: White Wedding Dresses

The white wedding dress is an enduring image in our culture, with roots so deep that only very slowly are brides daring at last to mix it up a little. Because of this, it can be a little surprising to realize that the tradition only goes back a hundred years or so, to the late 1800s and it’s not tradition for the reasons you think it is!

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Wedding Traditions of the 19th Century

Historic Waterloo Village is a charming souvenir of a bygone age. Quaint by today’s standards, the town was once a thriving inland port and an important stop along New Jersey’s Morris Canal between the 1830s and ‘60s. Then, just as today, Waterloo Village saw its fair share of wedding celebrations, serving as the starting point for many nineteenth-century couples’ happy lives together. So, what was a wedding like during the Village’s heyday? What kinds of customs and traditions did a nineteenth-century bride and groom observe? Here is a look at what a typical Waterloo wedding might have been like.

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Rustic Floral Elements For Your Philadelphia Area Wedding

Rustic elements are manifested in many ways through floral design and accents.

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