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5 Steps Toward a Relaxed, Enjoyable and Memorable Wedding Ceremony

While wedding planning in the Philadelphia area is certainly fun, it can also be stressful as two families join to become one. We turned to Wedding Officiant Diane Smith-Hoban of Journeys of the Heart for ways to remain centered and foster harmony during the wedding.

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At Journeys of the Heart, we see A LOT of wedding ceremonies in the Philadelphia area!

Here are a few things we have discovered over the years for consideration towards creating a relaxed, enjoyable, and memorable wedding ceremony. After all, it is the heart and soul of your wedding day and the entire purpose for the celebration!

1.The intention of the day: Each moment and element of your ceremony from the procession to your “happily ever after” should have meaning and express who you are as a couple. Spend time with your officiant to make sure they really “get” you and are ready, willing and delightfully able to help you create a wonderful beginning to your new life together. Also, be sure that your officiant secures your date, time and venue with a written, signed contract and a clear back-up plan in case of an emergency.

2. Phew - there you are: It’s finally your wedding day that you have been so carefully planning. Consider spending private time together prior to the ceremony, as you are the ones who can best help each other through the emotion and tension that can arise in the day. Spending a few quiet minutes together in a lovely setting (and perhaps captured by your photographer) will be a powerful way to create a wonderful, intimate feeling that carries you both through the ceremony and your day.

3. During the ceremony: Now is the time to let go of everything you've "done" to get here or how things "should" go during the ceremony. Your wedding officiant is there to hold that for you so you can just relax and enjoy the moment. Keep breathing and feeling your feet on the ground. Both are very calming and grounding, and will help keep you present.

4. Remember that everyone who is there cares about you. You can do no wrong. The ceremony creates a loving space in which you declare your commitment to one another. Relax into the loving attention being showered upon you. If you get teary eyes, or it becomes challenging to speak through strong emotions - it's ok. This is a very special moment in life - big emotions are to be expected. Just take your time, breathe, and move on when it's time. We'll wait for you!

5. Hurray – you did it: After you walk happily down the aisle, consider going off - just the two of you - to spend a few minutes alone. Take a deep breath, relax or even sip champagne together for the first time as a married couple. Once the party starts, you will be immediately surrounded by loved ones excited to begin the festivities. By having had your own brief and “private” reception, you will feel fully present to one another, even in the middle of a hundred people!

Wedding perfection – an oxymoron: Finally - try not be focused on everything being “perfect.” Every wedding has its own unique perfections and imperfections. Out of this whole wide world, you have found each other and that is really what is most important. So what if some minor glitch occurs? Laughter can often diffuse the tension and stress before, during and after the ceremony. And at the end of the day, you will begin a new and wonderful life together. Now isn’t that truly the best part of all?

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Posted by Diane Smith-Hoban on 03/16/2015

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