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5 Tips to Prepare for Your Hair and Makeup Trial for Your Philadelphia Wedding

Preparing for your Philadelphia wedding day often includes practice--events such as the menu tasting with the caterer, and your ceremony rehearsal with the bridal party and your officiant. Practice also makes perfect for your hair and makeup with a trial before the big day.

If you plan to accentuate your natural beauty with a professional hair and makeup stylist’s skills, the trial brings you one step closer to the look you envisioned as a bride. Here are some tips to prepare for your hair and makeup trial:                                                  

1. Arrive on time with a freshly washed face, having removed all makeup. Apply any moisturizer beforehand.

2. The same applies to your hair. A great style is best achieved with clean, dry hair. The only exception is if you previously requested a blow-out during your appointment.

3. Bring your veil, hair extensions, braids or accessories that you plan on wearing on your wedding. Also, if eyelash extensions are part of the plan, discuss with your makeup artist ahead of time if they should be purchased before the appointment or on site.

4. Most importantly, have photos that reflect your style. It is the most effective way to communicate your desired look. Magazine clippings or photos on your smart phone of the up do and specific cat eye, for example, really conveys the look to your stylist.

5. Take a photo. Most likely, your artist will take a snapshot. Capture the look with a selfie so you remember what was discussed and how it was executed. Communicate any minor adjustments to the look and finally, make sure you love it. Communication is your best asset toward perfecting your wedding day vision.

Finally, relax knowing that your wedding day in Philadelphia is coming together nicely!



Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 11/17/2015

Category Articles: Beauty & Fitness