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Best Venues For Your Game of Thrones Celebration

The wait is over. April 14th marked the beginning of the end for HBO’s massive breakout fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, and we could not be more excited.

If the anticipation for the final season has been killing you, trust me, you are not alone. What is the best way of celebrating the final season? Planning a Game of Thrones inspired wedding of course!


That’s right. Here is a list of the best venues in Philadelphia to let your inner Daenerys fly (by a dragon of course). Plan a wedding that encaptures the fantasy and passion that our beloved show deserves, let’s just hope for a better outcome than The Red Wedding!


Fonthill Castle

The stunning Fonthill Castle offers some extreme Westeros vibes, equipt with a Terrace Pavilion and beautiful winding staircases worthy of Lannister royalty. Constructed entirely of hand mixed concrete, this castle will take you away to the land of GOT. It is perfect for both an intimate indoor gathering and a grander outdoor reception. The venue alone is enough to inspire serious Game of Thrones vibes, but if you are looking to delve your celebration a tad deeper into the magical world, it could never hurt to throw in some more details right from the beloved show. Consider sending out “Wedding is Coming” save the date cards to prepare your guests for the celebration of the century!


Grounds for Sculpture


Game of Thrones forests are filled with creepy caves, a Three-Eyed Raven, and of course the haunting Children of the Forest. Even though we would never want to be roaming The Haunted Forest alone, there is no denying the beauty of these magical woods. Luckily, the Grounds for Sculpture venue, located in South Jersey, brings all the beautiful landscape with nothing hiding in the shadows. This 42-acre sculpture park and museum overflows with rich greenery and an abundance of mystic backdrops. To fit this classic GOT setting, opt to wear a ‘Queen of The North’ style gown on your big day to truly fit the bill of leading lady Sansa Stark. With long lace sleeves and of course a fur shaw, you will feel as empowered and beautiful as Lady Stark.


Duke Art Gallery


When Game of Thrones fans are in the presence of a tall stone tower they expect to see Jon Snow and The Night’s Watch ready to fight any danger threatening the North from beyond The Wall, or possibly, a scheming Cersei Lannister planning her next mission of domination. Either way, the Duke Art Gallery’s Rapunzel stone towers will transport you and your guests to the world that is Game of Thrones. The 100-year old estate offers a perfect balance of rustic feels and romantic vibes. Present your wedding party with matching “Hand of The King” pins to add a subtle element of your own Queen Daenerys Targaryen power.


Philadelphia Museum of Art


The Philadelphia Museum of Art is an iconic spot within the city. Its amazing grandeur and unparalleled architecture makes this museum the center point of the city’s vast cultural scene, similar to King’s Landing as the capital of The Seven Kingdoms. Based on structure alone, The Museum of Art looks like it could be home to the Iron Throne. The size and space of this venue lends itself perfectly to fit your most magical fantasies, which in true GOT fashion would definitely include a life-sized dragon sculpture!


This is just the beginning of amazing spots suitable for your epic celebration. Subtle additions of Game Of Thrones iconic details or full-fledged reenactments of the shows unforgettable scenes are both great ways to incorporate your devotion to the hit drama. Either way, make sure it’s a celebration fit for true royalty.

Posted by Lauren Ridgeway on 04/15/2019

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