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Historical Locations Management Is the Key to a Unique Philadelphia Wedding

Historical Locations Management serves as your key to the castle for your special Philadelphia area wedding venue.

Specifically, Historical Locations Management is your exclusive liaison to private clubs, mansions and museums in order to create your

one-of-a-kind Philadelphia area wedding. The venue choices are customized to the couple's criteria and the services are free. Yes, free.

HLM's wedding venues are unique hidden gems such as private sites that rely very little, if at all, on advertising. "Couples like that my sites

are not well known so their guests will not have been there versus a typical wedding venue. It makes their wedding that much more unique,"

said HLM President Colleen Comerford.


Photo credit: Clair Pruett Studios

Comerford, who began her career as an attorney, has an extensive professional background with 20 years of experience as a meeting

and event planner with an emphasis on historical locations. She has a passion for Philadelphia's rich history. "I was still practicing law

but absolutely fell in love with special events and now have been doing it for over 20 years," she said. Comerford has been afforded with

excellent communication and listening skills that draw engaged couples to her. "I knew I was good at organizing all types of events and

very much a people person. These are two mandatory personality traits to be successful in this industry. I literally take every one of my

clients personally," she said.


Photo credit: Historical Locations Management


The process of scouting the ideal location is tailored to the bride and groom's needs. Comerford's venue search begins throughout

Philadelphia, and its suburbs from the Main Line to Bucks County. However, it all starts with a conversation.


"I spend a great deal of time on the initial contact either by phone or email to determine what the couple's style is, what they desire for their special

day, guest count, budget, location, etc. in order to create a profile that would work for each individual couple," Comerford said.  This is where listening

to clients' vision is crucial in order to match a couple to their special venue. "It is extremely important to do this initially or the couple will either be very

upset or very sad that you have taken them to somewhere that has nothing to do with them."


Photo credit: Historical Locations Management


Each HLM venue is historical with spectacular stories that the couples and their guests love, she said. "One comment we receive constantly is

how impeccably maintained every site we scout is versus other historical sites that can’t keep up with maintenance," Comerford said.

"Unforgettable weddings begin with unforgettable settings," she said.


In addition, Comerford takes pride in the service her couples receive from her venues. "The service they receive at my sites goes above and beyond

expectations especially because the employees are full-time with a long tenure so they have created a family atmosphere," she said. "They

treat everyone as family."

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Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 04/04/2013

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