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Hosting a Post Wedding Summer BBQ

Post wedding brunches are very popular but if you are hosting a summer wedding in Philadelphia and have out-of-town guests, consider prolonging the celebration with a barbecue the day after. Nothing says summer like the scent of barbecue wafting through the air. Here are some ideas to inspire a post wedding cookout or picnic, a great alternative to a more traditional sit-down meal.

Photo credit: Herb Scott Catering

The Meal: A cookout-style meal is a natural complement to a picnic atmosphere. Naturally, serving traditional barbecue favorites, like hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken comes to mind--or you can get a little more creative and easy for guests by serving barbecue skewers. We're all familiar with shrimp and chicken kabobs, but you can make the get together super fun by serving fruit skewers, tater tot skewers, burger or steak skewers, vegetable skewers, fajita skewers, or paella skewers.

Complete the meal with dessert skewers containing fruit, marshmallows, chocolate, or all three. Add some graham crackers and you have a new generation of S'mores! How about grilling fresh peaches and serving them in a mason jar with vanilla bean ice cream on top. The caramelization of the peaches really brings out its flavor and sweetness. Perhaps, try a new culinary craze like grilled watermelon.

Entertainment: Lawn games are entertaining at parties and weddings, so why not incorporate your favorites into the picnic? They are the perfect activity for this kind of event! Consider setting up horseshoes, croquet, a ring toss, cornhole. If you don't think your guests would be interested or if you want to mix it up a little, consider putting out jump ropes and hula hoops.

Seating: If you do decide to host a traditional picnic, seating will be necessary. Gather a few picnic-style tables and chairs—even square hay barrels as well as blankets for guests to sit on; not everyone is going to want to sit on the ground, and some of your guests may be more comfortable sitting at a proper table.

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Posted by Partyspace Philadelphia on 07/08/2016

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