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How to Get Fit For Your Wedding Day

Recently, we were asked how to slim down safely before the wedding.

Our advice -- give yourself enough time to do so and be as realistic with your goals as possible. Look for a fitness company that you identify with and find some fitness classmates you look forward to seeing when you go to workout. Liking your instructor will motivate you as well as give you some handy tips and friendly classmates will motivate you to come back consistently and be accountable to your goals. Identifying with your workouts and actually LIKING them will help you achieve your fitness goal for your wedding but also keep the door open and help in keeping your wedding day physique when you come back from your honeymoon. Not to mention, keep those great friends you've met in class.


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What are some exercise alternatives for someone who is adverse to the traditional gym? We are! Out motto at CoreFitness is, "We are the premier alternative to the traditional gym." Most of our members choose us because they seek the pleasure of exercising outdoors and in unrestricted space. They also benefit from our types of functional fitness. No two work outs are the same and each instructor has their own style which challenges the participant to learn what their body is capable of and they begin to feel stronger, happier and empowered. Our fitness training methods have led to many people raising their level of fitness higher than they ever imagined possible.


To find the right exercise program for you, talk to the trainer. Ask your questions - all of them. The trainer should make the bride or groom feel comfortable, be knowledgeable and make his or her goals their goals.


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How soon should you start before the wedding really depends on you and your goals. Generally, 3 months is a good amount of time to reach most fitness goals.


What makes CoreFitness special? We care. We're a community of like minded individuals with a common goal of being healthy and happy. We've met so many WONDERFUL people through our fitness services and classes. Our participants have come so far, learned so much of their strengths, changed their lives, become friends, done marathons, Ironman, Tough Mudders together..and we've (CoreFitness) been so extremely fortunate to be a part of their journey. We always say, just get them to class and they'll come back. So that is exactly what we are saying to you and your crew. Come to class and then you will see.



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For more information about CoreFitness, visit www.core-fit.com, on Facebook at: CoreFitness Smarter Living or contact  cindy@core-fit.com by email or simply call 267-515-3507.

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Posted by CoreFitness LLC on 06/25/2013

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