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How to Look and Feel Great for your Philadelphia Wedding

Brides, and grooms as well, want to look and feel their very best for their wedding day. As the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a wedding is the perfect time to fulfil those dreams of becoming a happier, healthier you.

When planning for your wedding, the appointments, planning and details are endless, as well as stressful. Adding weight loss and fitness to the mix can be daunting and thus often gets put off. A personal health coach is the person in your corner, who motivates, encourages, supports, and helps brides and grooms “get it done”. A caring and experienced personal coach will make the process easy, do-able, and engaging, and will help you succeed in both reaching and exceeding your goals.

When looking for the right personal health coach, it’s important to ask potential candidates how they can help you reach your goals. Your health goals could be:

  • weight loss, be it 5 pounds or 75+ pounds
  • decreasing stress
  • improving your nutrition
  • finding more natural energy
  • cleansing impurities from your system and resetting your body to a healthier state

Even though brides and grooms are often searching to achieve just one of these goals, a good health program should ensure that all of them are met synergistically (yes, all of them, simultaneously!). When interviewing a coach, make sure to ask what kind of health and weight loss program they use and get details about how it works and about the benefits and results you can expect to receive from it. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your coach’s background in health and fitness and about the integrity of the company. Of course, you should always ask for references, reviews, and testimonials from the coach’s other clients, since it’s important to see others’ successes and have confirmation that the program works.

Working with your personal health coach is an important relationship. You do not want a “diet” to get you in shape for the wedding, only to go back to the “old” you after. Your personal coach is going to help you change your lifestyle. True improved health and sustained weight loss is not a temporary fix. Your coach will give you the tools and unlimited ongoing support to continue looking, feeling, and being your best long after the wedding and honeymoon are over!

Posted by A Healthier You on 12/04/2014

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