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How to Match the Right Wedding Band to Your Engagement Ring

As your wedding day draws near, so does the quest to match your engagement ring with a wedding band.

Finding the right wedding band to compliment an engagement ring, while usually exciting and enjoyable, can turn into a tiresome task if the future newlyweds don’t really know what they want.






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Utilizing the resources and expertise of an experienced jeweler will often yield excellent results but it also helps to have a little knowledge yourself. Here on some tips on what you should consider when matching the right wedding band to your engagement ring:



Straight or Curved – Traditional rings have almost always had a straight edge so that the wedding band could sit beside it. More contemporary designs are curved and require that the wedding band be styled to nestle into its shape.



Style – The style of a wedding band merely refers to its edges. Some are flat and lay flush against the engagement ring, while others are rounded and retain their individual look while a third type is “high-domed” and intended to accentuate the differences between the separate bands. It is usually recommended to stay with the same types of bands.



Width – While there are many types of wide wedding bands available, the latest styles use stacking to increase the width and visibility if the wedding band/ engagement ring combination. In either case, the increased size on the wearer’s finger draws attention to the beautiful stone and setting of the original engagement ring.



Types of Metal – While wedding bands can be made from a variety of other metals such as silver, platinum, titanium and palladium, but gold is most often chosen. Still, gold affords its own options as you can get it in several colors including two-tone yellow, white and rose. Each of these colors affords the option of offsetting the engagement ring with a complimentary color.



More Gemstones or Not? – The vintage “halo effect” has been in use for over a century and is currently in vogue with a few, new twists. In all of them, smaller gemstones are added to the wedding band to surround the larger stone on the engagement ring to create a truly stunning combination.



As you can see, finding the right wedding band to match your engagement ring is not a particularly daunting task. In fact, armed with a little of the right information, you and your future spouse can actually have a great time choosing the right one that suits both your budget and your tastes. Stop in to Benari Jewelers in Newtown Square and Exton, PA, if you have any questions about how to match the right wedding band to the engagement ring.  Our staff is always available to assist you, any day.


Posted by Benari Jewelers on 08/05/2013

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