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Lindy Powers Captures Your Greatness in Portraiture

The goal is to make clients look wonderful and attractive in portraits. Here are some elements that in our years of experience as a Philadelphia area photographer help to achieve success in portraits.

Photo credit: Lindy Powers

In lighting such as daylight, use shade, create a roof, or scrim above the head, this makes focused, directional light, low light is flattering to a face. Lindy Powers uses light to its advantage by always filling in shadows with a reflector; use two if possible, in addition to the scrim.

Photo credit: Lindy Powers

And as to angles, we suggest shooting down on subjects; have them sit while the photographer stands. Observe which side is his or her best side; everybody has one. We teach our clients how to relax, how not to squint, and how to keep the eyes open when smiling. However, some people look better not smiling--it can be easier to make some people look good, by not having them smile.

Necklines: the French say that area below the chin, the poitrine, is just as important as the face. The necklace sets off the face. It is very important that the skin tone be the same color in the neckline as in the face.

Styling is also really important in our portraits. Think about how much of the picture consists of clothes--about half (even for a closeup). Color, texture, shape, and in particular contrast, are crucial to the end result. White is never good. It is brighter than the face. Black eats up the space, and hogs the light. As a rule, match colors to eyes.

Photo credit: Lindy Powers

Posted by Lindy Powers on 07/05/2014

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