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Taste Bud Dilemna: How To Choose The Right Wedding Cake Flavor

Deciding which wedding cake and frosting flavors can be challenging for newly engaged couples planning their Philadelphia area wedding. Is it better to opt for your favorite or please the varying palates of your wedding guests? Here's our take on cake flavors:


I like to steer couples toward dessert flavors that compliment their menu and size of wedding. For a larger, more formal wedding, I suggest more traditional wedding cake flavors like Susie's Sweets Vanilla, Strawberry Fields, Raspberry Swirl, or Marble. For a smaller, less formal wedding, I suggest more of the unique flavors like our Twix Cake. It really depends on the wishes of the couple and the type of event they are planning.


Photo credit: Susie's Sweets Bakery



However, I feel that one of the biggest ways that couples can balance their choice of flavors with the tastes of a large group is to have 2 different flavors of cake and then to offer a dessert bar with additional types and flavors of dessert. Offering mini mixed fruit pies, candy tables, cake truffles, whoopie pies or cupcakes in flavors different from the main cake are some of the great options that are becoming much more popular as a way to appeal to as many different guests as possible. Plus, a well done dessert bar can pack a lot of punch for less!



Photo credit: Susie's Sweets Bakery



Trying different flavors is certainly helpful. I do offer tastings of my basic wedding cakes and fillings in Philadelphia-Vanilla, Chocolate and Marble cakes with different Swiss Meringue Buttercream fillings (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry) and Chocolate Mousse. There are samples of each that the bride and groom can mix and match. If they are interested in a specialty flavor, I can prepare those for a small additional fee.

Posted by Susie's Sweets Bakery on 07/25/2013

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