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The Best Music for Your Rustic Themed Wedding

When planning musical selections for a wedding in the Philadelphia area, we, at Second Vision, first and foremost work with our couples to get a sense of their style and musical preferences.

Typically, our couples who are hosting a wedding in a rustic setting have the same wide range of musical styles as all of our couples. We always find that it is fun to mix the old with the new regardless of the setting. Mixing some top 40 hits along with the classics keeps everyone on the dance floor and it presents a perfect blend of modern and rustic, breathing new life to those beautiful rustic settings.

The other important piece to consider is the time/era in which the location was thriving. For example, the architectural style of a building made in the 40s screams big band; whereas a building from the 1920s or 30s era would warrant some jazz classics. The truth is the rustic wedding theme is really just an ambiance that the bride and groom prefer, most of the music would be the same for us, which means making sure everyone has a good time dancing.

Posted by Second Vision on 06/16/2014

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