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The Top Props For Your Philadelphia Wedding

Props play a supporting but important role in engagement sessions and wedding photos for several reasons.

There are five props, in particular, that stand out above the rest for photography purposes. Condider these items when capturing your special day on film.

Photo credit: Casual Candids


Animals and Children. Initially, I would say that children and animals are great props because they relax people.


Veils. We love veils that blow in the wind because again, it diverts our clients so that we can catch candid moments and take people’s attention off themselves (and veils are lovely when they catch the wind).


Photo credit: Casual Candids


Vehicles. Vehicles are great, again, because our subjects are thinking about how to stand in trolleys without falling over or thrilled to be sitting in limos.


Flowers. Flowers work well because brides (as well as flower girls) are concentrating on holding them instead of worrying about what to do with their hands.



Photo credit: Casual Candids


~ Casual Candids

Posted by Casual Candids on 08/28/2013

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