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Category: Accommodations

7 Reasons to Say YES to a Winter Wedding in Philadelphia

So the temperature may be brisk, but there is quite a silver lining to hosting your Philadelphia wedding in between December and the last dwindling days of February. Actually, there are so many advantages, it’s more like a bonus for your wallet. Here are some of our favorites to share:

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Finding the Right Officiant for Your Philadelphia Wedding

Who Will Marry You? Officiants are an integral part of your Philadelphia wedding ceremony--so finding the right one to unite you in marriage is an important process.

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6 Tips for Booking a Block of Hotel Rooms for Your Wedding in Philadelphia

Planning a Philadelphia wedding involves a lot of details and many moving parts. If you and your fiance decide to invite out-of-town guests, one very important task is hotel accommodations. But where do you begin in the process of booking a block of rooms? Here are some basic tips to facilitate this important wedding responsibility.

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Tuesday Events at Congress Hall in Cape May

Are you considering touring a Cape May wedding venue such as Congress Hall but the frigid winter weather has you stuck?

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Brunch Weddings Easy Like Sunday Morning

Brunch weddings are one of the latest trends in event planning, offering affordability and an intimate setting for you and your guests.

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What's In a Name: The Differences Between Wedding Planners, Designers and Coordinators

If you have a good wedding planner, the time involved in helping you plan your Philadelphia wedding is priceless.

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Capture the Fun

Having a ShutterBooth at your next event will provide a new and exciting level of entertainment for your guests.

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Cinematic Magic Philly Style

Jessica & Christian's Philadelphia Wedding

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