6 Fun Photo Props For a South Florida Waterfront Wedding

Playful or serious, props add a little whimsy, personality and ease during an engagement or wedding photo session. Here are 6 prop ideas to jumpstart your South Florida wedding photography:

Photo credit: Bob Care Photography

Go Big: Nothing conveys beach like a lifeboat, or lifeguard stand, if you can find one. A lighthouse—even better! So romantic.

Beach Balls: End your wedding ceremony as guests toss beach balls up in the air like graduation hats to commemorate your unity. Set against a light blue clear sky, with the happy newly wedded couple in the background, beach balls make an impact on film and in real time. Toss them back and forth post-ceremony and that playfulness comes through in your photos.

Kites: Revisit your childhood and take to the sky on your special day. From traditional kites to those in a variety of fish and animals, grab the end of the string, your spouse’s hand and let the photographer capture the rest.

Initials and More:  Nothing captures unity like a large wooden ampersand between you and your sweetie. Maybe some initials or chalkboard signage is more your style. Signs are always a fantastic prop choice for South Florida weddings.

Surf Boards: Leave your wet suit at home and don your bridal best for some surf time. You don’t even have to go in the ocean for a blast balancing on a board. Virtual or real, a surf board shot is a must if you have access to one. Add a pop of color or choose pristine white to really make an impact.

Parasols: These props are a must. Not only do parasols protect against the harmful sunny rays, they add elegance and character to photos.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 01/05/2016

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