7 Benefits of Booking a Weekday Wedding in South Florida

As the cost of weddings rise, engaged couples look for ways to reduce expenses. One of the biggest areas of opportunity is the venue. A simple change in date from a coveted Saturday night to a weekday evening can result in big savings. The ideal weekday of choice—Thursday. Afterall, it is practically the weekend. Here are several reasons to consider a weekday wedding in South Florida:

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1. Lower Venue Rental and Catering Fees: Basically, it’s supply and demand. Saturday evenings book up fast, thus limiting availability and increasing costs. However, how many Sunday or weekday weddings have you attended? Exactly! Compare a weekday wedding rate to a Saturday night at your favorite South Florida wedding venue and pocket the savings.

2. Lower Vendor Fees: This same rule applies to South Florida wedding vendors too.  You’re welcome…

3. Top Picks in Venue and Vendors: This is an advantage that makes it all worth it. Is your venue booked out on Saturdays for the next 2-3 years? How about that amazing photographer? Book a weekday and availability for venues and wedding professionals opens up!

4. Lower Airline and Travel Costs: Do you have out-of-town wedding guests flying in to attend your special day? Weddings in South Florida are already expensive, so consider a weekday event and pass on lower travel costs to your guests.

5. Affordable Rates at Hotels: Rates at hotels are much less Mondays through Fridays at any given time of year. Your guests will rest easy planning their trip knowing that the accommodations are more reasonable.

6. Long Weekends: Are you considering stringing multiple wedding related events together like a post-wedding brunch or sightseeing with your out-of-towners before the big day? These are excellent reasons to make the event a long relaxing weekend.

7. Weekdays are Casual Compared to Their High-End Counterpart: First, vendors that divide their attention among two weddings will have more time to prepare for yours. Second, a more relaxed ambiance is a great side-effect of weddings during the week compared to an upscale black tie Saturday night affair that can make some guests tense.



Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 08/31/2015

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