7 Petal Toss Alternatives for Your South Florida Wedding

Are you challenged to think of an alternative to the traditional flower girl petal toss following your South Florida wedding ceremony? Maybe an ordinance or venue restriction has left you looking for other options. Here are some of our favorite festive non-floral ideas for the little one in your processional:

Simpify: Provide your flower girl with a pomander with a satin bow on top to hold down the aisle.

Signage: A rustic  or chalkboard “Here Comes the Bride” sign with a sweet phrase to hold has her providing the perfect hint that the bride is on her way!

Pinwheels: Youngsters love pinwheels. After all, who doesn’t love this throwback to carefree summer days? Holding a swirling pinwheel in the breeze is perfect for a waterfront ceremony in South Florida!

Shells:  Imagine a flower girl lightly tossing small sea shells for a beach wedding.

Parasols: Glam it up with a bamboo parasol. They come in a variety of colors perfectly matched for your wedding colors. They create a beautiful backdrop or prop for wedding photos. The bonus is they block pesky UV rays from the sun.

Pooch: Pets are family too so if your South Florida wedding venue permits, share the limelight with your pooch and flower girl. Let her lead the way! What a fun memory.

Bubbles: Spread the joy with a multitude of iridescent bubbles. Who can resist?

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 12/10/2015

Category Articles: Event Planning