9 Summer Party Favors for South Florida Weddings

Unique party favors are a great way to thank wedding guests for sharing in the celebration of your big day. Here are some of our favorite party favors for summer weddings in South Florida that will be put to good use:

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Luggage Tags: Every guest can use a solid tag for their luggage. It’s the perfect accompaniment for summer weddings especially those with a travel theme or specific city theme.

Artisanal Soaps: Soaps in summer scents like mint, lavender or lemongrass not only smell refreshing but they keep pesky bugs away. Insects don’t like the scent of their essential oils.

Books: Engaged couples can choose a novel for each guest. A budget-friendly way to pull this off is to select books from a resale shop or sale rack. Books are a unique way to display guest seating arrangements on a book shelf at the reception.  They also double as a party favor. A good summer read goes a long way.

Mini Wine Bottles or Beer: Local vineyards or breweries in South Florida like Schnebly  Redlands Winery & Brewery have incredible selections that may include half bottles of wine, usually in white or red or fun local brews. Some may even customize labels for your South Florida wedding!

Fans: A solid fan will be a welcome accessory for many in the crowd on a hot summer day. They will be put to good use all season long.

Metal Water Bottles: Hydration is important and your guests will know you care. Water containers are fairly inexpensive—just make sure to customize them with a date or love quote and not your initials or your photo.

House Made Jam/Local Honey: Ideal for a rustic wedding reception, mason jars filled with local honey or farm fresh jam will surely be a favorite among guests.

Sea Salt Jars: Another fitting idea for beach weddings! These mini jars of sea salt or pink Himalayan sea salt can be used in every day cooking or displayed at the dinner table.

Smore’s Kit: Just the thought of a melted chocolate graham cracker sandwich fused by golden caramelized marshmallows is the essence of summer for most people.

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Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 07/28/2016

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