A Tuxedo Versus Suit for South Florida Weddings

These days, we are afforded a wide variety of choices for wedding attire for the groom and his party. However, it may leave some with a dilemma for their South Florida wedding: the traditional tuxedo or a suit.

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Of course, there are many factors to consider when deciding: the venue, personal preference, weather and expense.

First, the venue. Experts suggest a tuxedo for a Saturday evening wedding especially for indoor venues. A tux may look pretty out of place for a sunny beach ceremony especially during the daytime. Time of day plays a role—more casual attire during the day and more formalwear in the evening. And yes, priorities play a part as well. Comfort level should always be a consideration. But this stops at shorts. No matter the comfort level or heat, shorts are ‘just no!’

The type of venue also dictates the style. For example, a suit can be accessorized with suspenders to reflect your rustic location, or a fedora for Gatsby appeal at an upscale Art Deco or pool venue.

Next, pricing. Suits are cost effective and may be worn numerous times for business and social events with the ability to mix and match to create new looks. In fact, the purchase of one suit may be equivalent in price to a tuxedo rental but of course, the rental needs to be returned. Certainly, purchasing a tux will outprice a suit.

Ultimately, the choice is yours and as long as the proper fit is achieved, go with your preference.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 01/19/2016

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