Average South Florida Wedding Cost

It’s a joyous moment becoming engaged and taking in the romance and excitement of sharing your life together. And it should be celebrated and taken in as long as possible. Then begins the serious business of planning your monumental day.

Once you’re ready to start planning your South Florida wedding, it’s important to understand the cost a wedding reception entails in order to develop your budget.

According to an April 2018 report from Business Insider, the average wedding cost in America is $33,391.

However, the cost varies dramatically from region, from state, city to city and then further by guest count, season and day of the week and more.

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Florida is a great example of how wedding costs can differ within the state. For weddings in 2019, Value Penguin lists Northern Florida the most affordable at $35,638, with Central Florida a close second at $37,898.

These numbers are vastly different from Florida’s West Coast at $42,038 and South Florida at $51,073 with an average cost of $365/guest. Its study ranked South Florida as the most expensive place to host a wedding next to Manhattan, in New York City. The reception venue accounted for the largest contributor to wedding costs while party favors were the least costly.

Now that you’re aware of these costs in general, you’ll be able to budget and prioritize what elements are important for your South Florida wedding.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 04/15/2019

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