Band Vs DJ for Your South Florida Wedding

It’s the big question, “Should we hire a band or a DJ for our reception”? This used to be a long debated choice that most South Florida wedding couples had to decide when planning their event.

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However, Jerry Wayne’s Private Party Band has eliminated the need to choose one or the other by offering a band that has the advantages of both options with no extra cost.


We believe that most people are aware that a high energy interactive band is much more exciting then canned music with flashing lights, attempting to take the place of live performance energy. The old objection in past years used to be that by hiring a DJ will eliminate the need for breaks, but with Jerry Wayne's Private Party Band, this is no longer a concern. Because our band includes DJ-style capabilities, the music is truly NON-STOP. No visible breaks EVER. The song options for your South Florida wedding are now limitless.


The band always takes extremely short break times, and always strategically placed to seem almost invisible. These short five minute rests are usually placed during dinner so that the band is never missed. Placing the breaks during dinner time allows us to provide softer music of conversation level. Soft jazz standards are usually the most often requested but any style of music is possible. Once it is time to party, we can keep everyone on the dance floor for hours at a time with no interruptions in the fun. This format is what our repeat clients expect, because this formula works perfectly every time.

By offering live and exciting entertainment 55 minutes each hour, we can involve your wedding guests to produce the ultimate party experience. Our band doesn’t play “at” your guests, we play “with” them to create maximum fun. When your guests see us jump off the stage and start singing and dancing with everyone, it becomes an awesome party that will be remembered for many years. Sometimes a special request is suggested that may not be on our huge song list. Those are some of the best times to shift to DJ style music. 


You no longer have to choose between a band or a DJ any longer. With the Private Party Band, you get everything all rolled in to one. When you only get one chance to get it right, why take a chance at all.


Posted by Jerry Wayne’s Private Party Band on 04/20/2015

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