Benefits of Museum and Gallery Wedding Venues in South Florida

How many South Florida weddings have you attended at an art studio or museum? As more and more couples look to differentiate their ceremony and reception from others, these unique spaces are soaring in popularity.

Photo credit: Gallery of Amazing Things

Museum and gallery wedding venues in South Florida offer a multitude of benefits.

Just like your guest list, art galleries and museums come in various sizes, accommodating intimate affairs to large galas. Museums with rotating exhibits allow guests to meander through history and artifacts and initiate conversation. Typically, there are several rooms, spaces and halls to explore, each featuring its own intrigue or even hands-on experience.

The same holds true for art galleries. While butlered hors d’oeuvres are passed, art and sculpture provide a feast for the eyes. It’s like dinner and entertainment while celebrating a milestone event. And as exhibits change, so does the atmosphere so no two events are the same.

Certainly, less décor and floral displays are needed in a venue with such a wealth of artifacts. Keep in mind less is more at these venues which can be an advantage for your wallet.

Thought provoking, strikingly beautiful or avant-guarde, museum and gallery wedding venues in South Florida certainly are an ideal location to host a wedding or event. And just like other venues, these spaces have their own event coordinator (and often exclusive caterer) who specializes in handling weddings and milestone events.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 08/10/2015

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