Diamonds Are No Longer Forever

Something old, something new, something rented and something blue.

You can look and feel like a princess on your South Florida wedding day adorned in diamonds, rubies, pearls or sapphires from head to toe without breaking your wedding budget. Impossible, you say? These wishes become reality with Adorn Brides.

You can make your wedding jewelry dreams come true with the "rent and return concept” conceived in 2006 by Bert Stouffer, the originator of Adorn Brides.  You can rent the finest of jewelry for a fraction of the retail cost. Choose from  handpicked, high quality jewelry in fashionable, timeless style which will be delivered right to your very own doorstep. Wow!


“Along with the green movement, the economy has reinforced the concept of renting in various aspects of peoples’ lives," Adorn Spokeswoman Nadine Zaun explained. "That shift in the cultural mindset allowed us to start Adorn. People are much more open to the concept of renting in general for items they would have never considered before.”


"We frequently hear from clients after the wedding at how the jewelry made them FEEL, not because the jewelry is expensive – though that is certainly a fun part too – but the fact that the jewelry is authentic, and part of the fulfillment of that long awaited wedding day dream," Zaun said.




We’re not in Kansas any more, Toto. What a unique and creative way to make your special day sparkle and your wedding photographs truly shine.  Since real diamonds have a unique, refractive quality that cannot be replicated by any other piece of jewelry a bride could consider,  the difference can be seen in the photographs. 








Posted by Adorn Brides on 11/14/2013

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