DJs: The Pulse of Your South Florida Wedding

Professional disc jockeys play an important role for your South Florida wedding. Entertainer. Music connoisseur. Cheerleader. One part lighting professional. And one part line dance choreographer.

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They're experts at gauging the mood of a crowd, creating energy and flow for the pure enjoyment of your event. That's the art of a DJ and why you must hire a professional for your South Florida wedding.

DJs ensure a great South Florida wedding reception by leveraging their experience in reading a crowd, and the vision the wedding couple has conveyed during their consultation. They also can suggest songs if you are stumped and steer you away from songs choices that are not suited for weddings with dark meaning and inappropriate lines.

Since all weddings have different demographics to consider, it takes experience and forethought to bridge that generational gap and unite guests of all ages out on the dance floor.

DJs are event experts, offering insight on details such as floor plans and acoustics like seating older guests away from speakers and equipment. Often these guests enjoy conversation and loud speakers impede their hearing. Conversely, placing younger guests in a seating chart around the dance floor makes sense. Of course, playing the right music is the ultimate success and music aficionados plan it best.

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Acoustics are another important aspect of entertaining. Some of the hard tiled and/or glass venues bounce sound around the room and cause distortion and a garbled effect as sound waves crash into one another. Indoor and outdoor have little effect on sound but outdoor wedding venues in South Florida have their own challenges as to ambient noise, such as wind, construction, traffic, and more. DJs know how to counteract this hurtle.

The DJ is also one part director, knowledgeable about when to take the mic and get guests' attention for introductions and directing their attention toward other important reception highlights.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 05/13/2014

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