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When recently asked to give advice to couples choosing a kosher caterer for their South Florida wedding, this was our response. In choosing a kosher caterer for your special day, be sure you understand the difference between Glatt kosher catering and kosher style catering so you can be sure you expectations are met in every way.


Glatt kosher refers to a high level of certification for meat, however, in recent years has come to refer to adhering to a stricter standard overall.  Kosher style simply refers to not mixing meat and dairy and not using shellfish.  A kosher style menu can be prepared by any caterer in any kitchen.


Be sure you ask your caterer if they will provide a choice of entree for your guests and can the entree be ordered at the table.  If  the entree selection can not be made at the table,  a count must  be given to the caterer ahead of time which requires more planning on your part.  Shaike’s Kosher Catering staff will professionally take orders at the tables.


























































Finally, in order to kosher a kitchen at a venue, you will need to work with the venue manager to allow sufficient time.  To kosher a kitchen,  all non-kosher items need to be removed or locked away, ovens need to be cleaned, burned out and inspected. Counters need to be cleaned and covered, worktop surfaces need to be cleaned, boiling water poured over top and then covered. It is a process handled by a meshgiach, a learned overseer, and depending on the kitchen, can take hours.


Shaike's Kosher Catering will not only fulfill but exceed your expectations of superb strictly kosher cuisine.  Shaike’s uses the freshest ingredients and focuses on the simple flavors. Each mouth-watering bite will delight your guests, all while upholding the highest standards of kashrut.






Posted by Shaike's Kosher Catering on 09/18/2013

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