The Long and The Short of It: Fake Eyelashes For Your South Florida Wedding

Full eyelashes are a mark of beauty for some.

Photo credit: Bridal Makeup by Ruth France

Have you ever encountered that boy in seventh grade math class with the naturally long full set of thick lashes so dark that they appear to be outlined with black eyeliner? All of that natural beauty wasted--on a boy while the rest of us have to work at it, right?

There are many choices to consider in the fake eyelash realm. All of these lash options can be applied by your salon stylist for your South Florida wedding:

Strips: A strip of lashes typically come with adhesive similar to Crazy Glue.

Individual: Groups of lashes that can be applied throughout your lash line.

Extensions: Similar to hair extensions, lash extensions come in semi-permanent and temporary. Extensions are the most costly of the three kinds and are administered by a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist. Extensions and individual lashes provide a more natural look on the lash line compared to the straight edge of lash strips.

Individual lashes tend to last longer and have little chance of peeling off in the middle of your photo shoot, for example. True story. My first foray into the fake eyelash world was met with that exact scenario with the strip of lashes dangling off my eye in the middle of our engagement shoot. Fortunately, a little dab of lip gloss miraculously kept the lashes holding tight just in the nick of time. However, with individual lashes, if one falls off, no one notices--and that is just the reassurance you like for your South Florida wedding.

Regardless of which eyelashes you choose, the tricky part is removing them. Glue binds, right? So, take extreme care in the process because removing fake eyelashes can damage your real ones. The growth process is long so ignore the instinct to pull.

The best choice for optimum success is to first soften the glue by dabbing the lash line with a cotton swab that's been soaking in an oily makeup remover. Simple warm soapy water does not work.

Latisse: Finally, another choice is a fake-natural hybrid that lengthens and thickens your own lashes. Latisse involves a prescription. It's a kit consisting of a solution and brush applicators. However, while it works, it tends to darken under eye circles for some individuals and may result in a change of eye color.



Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 05/12/2014

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