To Freeze or Not to Freeze Your South Florida Wedding Cake

After all of the South Florida wedding planning has culminated into the ultimate celebration of your union, there is one decision yet to be made before the honeymoon begins…

How do you handle the top tier of your wedding cake?

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There have been mixed emotions about freezing the top layer of wedding cake. It's tradition. However, that beautifully made, decadent wedding cake will take residence next to a variety of foods--that extra chili your aunt dropped off, that Old Bay infused salmon and even that small brick of boxed frozen spinach--for an entire year. Is that little box of Arm & Hammer baking soda enough to protect against strange flavors moving into that porous cake?

So, what's a newlywed couple to do? Option 1 of course, is sticking with tradition. However, check with the bakery or caterer that designed your South Florida wedding cake--it is standard practice for many to bake a small fresh complimentary cake (or one at minimal cost) for your first anniversary.

Another idea is to cut and divide the top tier of your wedding cake into 12 slices and celebrate with a slice each month of the year! Many bakeries suggest wrapping their cake in wax paper then multiple layers of saran wrap and then tin foil. After it is "mummified" in these layers, store it in a large Zip Lock bag with a label for each month as a guide.

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Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 10/20/2014

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