Unobtrusive Centerpiece Tips for Your South Florida Wedding Reception

Flowers bring beauty and ambiance to your wedding in South Florida. No matter which type of flowers you choose, consider how they are displayed to keep your guests engaged at your reception.

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Keep the conversation going by thinking like a guest. Inside or outside, the flower arrangements at the table where guests are seated play an important role. Often, this is an oversight. Design beautiful yet functional centerpieces so your South Florida wedding guests have the option to communicate unobstructed. Have you ever tried to hold a conversation but the flowers were in the way?

If unblocked views at the reception tables are a priority for you, convey this to your wedding florist. In the meantime, here are some centerpiece ideas to keep the conversation going from across the table:

Limit the size of the base to no wider than five-to-eight inches and the height to no taller than 12-14 inches.

High or low is the way to go! Consider very tall glass vases with the floral pieces at the highest point. The perfect height for tall vases is 30 inches. This allows even cascading flowers to create ambiance without hindering sight while seated.


Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 03/02/2016

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