What to Do Next Following Your South Florida Wedding Proposal

Congratulations on your recent engagement! Here are five must-do tasks to cross off right after your proposal:

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Enjoy the Moment: Take it all in. Enjoy this special moment together. Friends and family will immediately ask when the wedding date is. This is normal but there is no rush to indulge. There is plenty of time to plan your South Florida wedding. For now, just revel in the excitement of your new milestone. No stress. No planning.

Schedule a Manicure--Stat: You may not be that girl with a VIP stool at the local nail bar; however, you will want to schedule an appointment or visit your local salon right away. Friends, family, co-workers, your running buddies—will all ask to see the ring within seconds of finding out the news.

Call Your Besties: Whether this means your mom, sister, best friend, under no means text, or change your social media status. Pick up the phone and call to share the story.

Insure Your Ring: This is crucial. The last thing you want is to lose or damage your ring with no means to replace it. Add your ring to your homeowners or rental policy or purchase a policy through a jewelry insurance company.

Have Your Ring Sized: It’s hard to part with such a meaningful piece of jewelry. However, if your ring is too large for your finger or your finger is becoming swollen and cutting off the circulation in the rest of your body, it is time to have it sized by the jeweler. Imagine your despair if it slipped off your finger and was lost. Plus, the trip to the jeweler will begin the conversation for your wedding bands.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 12/01/2014

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