Why Engagement Sessions in Are Essential Before Your South Florida Wedding

Have your booked your engagement session yet? Why do I ask? Well, engagement sessions are one of the best investments during your wedding planning. Not only do they capture the excitement of your new status but engagement sessions are plain good practice for your wedding in South Florida.

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Practice is two-fold. First, as I mentioned, it is practice for your wedding day photos. But also, it is an excellent opportunity for a hair and makeup trial. I will be honest, having been recently married, for me, the engagement session is quite awkward but fun nonetheless. Unless you are a professional model, it’s not every day you have hundreds of photos taken of you up close and far away. Especially during a kiss—or looking at each other lovingly in the eye. Do you smile a big toothy grin, look at each other or far away.  This is what I’m talking about…awkward. And engagement sessions help you move beyond the awkwardness. Engagement sessions provide an opportunity to have practiced feeling comfortable in front of the lens, with each other and with your photographer.

Post production, you can communicate what you like about the images and learn what not to do—such as pressing your arms tight against your body (this makes them look larger than in reality). So, next time, you will be aware of that tip.

Engagement sessions are a chance to try out your hairstyle and makeup to see how close in reality it is to the look you envisioned. It tests how comfortable you are in the updo or eye lash extensions, for example and begins the communication process with your hair and makeup artist. You will also see how the makeup appears in photographs. What seems like a lot in person may be the right look that pops on film.

Be sure to bring several photos or magazine images of the look you like to show the makeup artist. Afterward, communicate any adjustments and make sure to take a selfie. Most likely, your makeup artist and stylist will take one for reference. Again, the trial brings you one step further to a perfected look on your South Florida wedding day.

Posted by Dawn Mitchell on 04/07/2016

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