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Tips and Trends: Spring and Summer 2012 Wedding Trends

The latest trends for Spring 2012 as we see them – seem to be the following:

1)     COLORS:  It’s all about Pantone Tangerine Tango is not only gracing weddings, but is Color of the Year.  Bold and bright, this color would mix nicely or go-it-alone.  Here are some other hot colors for Spring and Summer 2012:















2)     Dresses:  From deep V-necklines to high slit skirts, dresses are bringing sexy back!  Sparkle, drapes, ruffles, and more seem to show a partnership between glamour and bold that makes a real statement for the dress wearer.

3)     Hair:  Not to be outdone by clothing, hairstyles seem to mirror the need for statement making for 2012.  Braids for up-dos are making a comeback, however not quite like we’ve seen in the past.  Asymmetrical patterns, letting the hair flow on its own and not being afraid of imperfection, or maybe even a touch of “messy” helps accentuate the suave dress and thought out design. Out with the perfectly shellacked updo’s in with the messy, natural do’s!

4)     Cake:  For some, it really is all about the cake. This year, they are so elaborate and beautiful that we felt the need to include them.  From separate cakes for the bride, groom, and guests to works of art, these will take your breath away…and yummy to eat!

So, brides, get yourself together because we’re about to jump into Spring and soon to be summer, and this year, it’s going to be a bright, sexy, and slightly messy affair…or in this case, season. Whether you choose to keep things low-key on your big day with neutrals and naturals, or make it a jaw dropping bright, colorful,  ‘oh my gosh I can’t believe she did that’ all out party, Partyspace.com is a great place to get inspiration!


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